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Products & Research

THE ERGOLAB is where we come together to collaborate and stay on top of the latest research, information, and studies in Ergonomics.  We stay on the cutting edge so that we can provide our Clients with a cutting-edge approach to ergonomic solutions.
The work environment must be viewed as an integrated system, not as individual components.   We have worked with hundreds of companies to improve their bottom line by focusing on the costs associated with employees’ comfort and productivity.  We help control costs by providing intuitive work tools and accessories to compliment our evaluation process and produce measurable results. 
The office tools your people use every day matter!  Our Ergonomists have scoured the market to identify the best-in-class ergonomic products and partners.  We are an authorized dealer for the leading names in Ergonomic Design including Humanscale, Workrite, BodyBiltTM, Contour Design, and ISES.   We are very selective in choosing the products we represent. They all undergo rigorous real-time testing in our EROGLAB.  If they pass muster, we put them into our integrated office work environment system and test them in combination with other solutions.  We know exactly what solutions can work together to create the functionality we are looking for, case by case.  Every redesign we do in an office environment is customized to the individual’s needs. 
To view our product offerings and order online, go to www.ergonomicedge.com.