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Ergonomic Services

The ERGOLAB draws on the experience gained from developing hundreds of large-scale initiative.  We offer unmatched abilities in creating the essential management components for your success. Our approach will assist you in developing a sustainable ergonomics process that is supported by the infrastructure and values of your organization.

Our Safety Health & Ergonomic experience covers a number of industries; Architectural Design, Biotechnology, Construction, Education, Information Technology, General Office, Hospitals, Light & Heavy Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical Labs, Warehousing & Distribution, and more.
The ERGOLAB provides a complete array of Ergonomic Services customized to our clients’ industry and needs.  We have over 25 years of experience working within different occupations and industries and provide services in any environment.   This coupled with our scientifically proven ergonomic quantitative analysis methodology allows us to collaborate with our clients to develop practical solutions with measurable results.
Our services include:
  • Ergonomic Program Development in alignment with clients’ business models and long-term business strategies.
  • Management of clients’ Ergonomic Teams and Committees.
  • Ergonomic Prioritization Surveys
  • Ergonomic Pain & Discomfort Surveys
  • Ergonomic Job Task Analysis and Evaluations
  • Injured Worker Intervention - recommend changes to accommodate injured workers including those covered under ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act).
  • Customization and delivery of training programs for management, supervisors, safety professionals and employees.
Our programs assist clients in:
  • Reducing Workers’ Compensation costs
  • Increasing the return on labor dollars
  • Maximizing engineering and financial resources
  • Improving productivity, product quality, and workspace utilization
  • Enhancing employee quality of life
  • Expediting injured employee’s return to work
  • Capitalizing on the talent of the aging and disabled